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Land Minning

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Building Staffs

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Material Supply

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Crane Service

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Civil Engineering and Building/ Road Construction

Our civil engineering services provide a number of transportation related offerings, including bridges, highways and road designs. We start off with preparation of plans and drawings as well as a survey of the area’s physical surroundings. Our professionals use computer aided designs to prepare blueprints. Our competence is shown in our track record in the construction of civil engineering projects in Nigeria.

Etovic Associates Limited expertise in Building and Road Construction is evident in the following:

  • Construction and/or rehabilitation of highways and roads including earthworks, bitumen and chipping application, asphalt application, drainage systems and shoulder construction.
  • Procurement of highway and road construction materials.
  • Supervision of ongoing projects.
  • Construction of office blocks, shopping malls, car parks, hospitals and schools.
  • Construction and rehabilitation of low rise residential structures, medium rise structures and high rise structures and where necessary and applicable, installation of elevators.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering competencies include:

  • Rural and urban electrification including studies, surveys, designs, supply, erection and commission.
  • Industrial electrical engineering services.
  • Electrical installation and maintenance.
  • Power generation and transmission.
  • Electrical instrumentation.
  • Industrial safety consultancy services.
  • Substation development and reinforcement.
  • Power transmission and distribution projects.
  • Supervision of electrical construction and installation works.
  • Procurement of electrical construction materials both locally and internationally.
  • Construction of telephone exchange stations and GSM transmission stations.
  • Optic fibre installations

We provide these services for rural areas, urban areas, federal and state governments, corporate bodies, private institutions in residential, commercial and industrial buildings and areas.

Furthermore, we provide and use Solar Electric power, being a renewable and alternative source of energy that converts sunlight to Direct Current(DC) that can be used to power electrical loads such as batteries, operating motors, light bulbs, generators, etc.


Trust and Worth

Our Clients

Mechanical Engineering

At Etovic Associates Limited, we pride ourselves in our ability to design, analyze, manufacture and maintain machines and mechanical systems. We also use modern tools such as Computer Aided Design(CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), and product lifecycle management to design and analyze manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems to suit the currents demands and needs of our clients.

Water Engineering / Erosion and Flood control

The ever rising issue of water pollution caused by unsafe practices of some industrial and mining organizations in Nigeria has prompted our services in water engineering to be one of the most sought after services that we provide. We address issues also caused by population growth and global warming in order to ensure that Nigerians have access to continuous supply of clean water that can be used for living, personal and commercial purpose. Our services include:

  • Water treatment.
  • Design programs to mitigate the risk of flooding.
  • Design programs to mitigate the risk of erosion.
  • Develop plans to improve water structures such as pipes, pumping stations and sewers.
  • Serve as a liaison between a variety of interested parties including other consultants, technical experts, suppliers, other contractors, government agencies and local authorities.
  • Check flood levels when there is increased risk.
  • Evaluation of watershed management and erosion studies .
  • Prediction of erosion and sedimentation trends.
  • Geo technical investigation.
  • Design of control measure

Project Management

Irrigation/ Dam projects

 Etovic Associates Limited, provide our clients with effective solutions and cost saving timely response in the construction of new dams or rehabilitation of dilapidated or dilapidating existing dams. Our dam projects services include setting, analysis, design, rehabilitation and construction of earth works, conventional concrete, and roller compacted concrete dams.

In evaluating the performance of dam projects, whether new or existing,  we consider the enter project including intakes, conduits, spillways, discharge channels, drainage, embankments, concrete and masonry structures and the foundation upon which it is built.

For new dams, we offer advisory services for the best fit, we also present dam layout alternatives for the client’s study/ selection and execute to meet client’s requirement. We offer specifically the following for the new dam:

  • Setting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Geo-technical engineering investigation
  • Dam layout alternatives
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis
  • Static analysis for roller compacted concrete dams
  • Thermal analysis for roller compacted concrete dams
  • Dam designs and construction.

For existing dams, we identify deficiencies and changes that need to be monitored, maintained or modified. We conduct visual inspection, seepage studies, geophysical investigations to ascertain the physical make-up of the areas in order to note common potential problems such as deterioration, movement, instability, animal burrows, erosion and excess seepage.

Motorized Borehole Drilling

Borehole drilling is one of the most efficient ways to get clean water in Nigeria. We have dedicated ourselves to giving the people a reliable way for portable water using our motorized machines which ensure that the best is gotten. We drill to any feet of your choice and for any group whether residential, commercial or industrial. Our wealth of experience stands us out as one of the most reliable providers of safe and hygienic boreholes in Nigeria.


Borehole projects are very common in our rural areas and we go anywhere no matter how interior just to satisfy our clients. We offer full proof services such as Geological Survey, Water Analysis, Water treatment and installation, Technical Drawings, PlanningandExecution from A to Z, Laying pipes and Overhead tanks.